Memories of Home
POTN G series speed challenge #325
  • 1 - This Used To Be My Playground
    My Father's Home, as in the lyrics, was the place of my childhood dreams. Mine, of my five brothers, two sisters and of the 14 grandchildren that ran there almost every Sunday while grandma and grandpa were among us and even later, while the house was in our hands.
    Now it is the Hotel ‘Le Noyer’ after a huge Walnut Tree that grew in the garden under my mother’s care from a tiny stick with three or four leaves.

  • 2 - Our house in the early 60s.
    Instead of large spears, my mother preferred the small iron fence with the tall broom shrubs behind it.

  • 3 - My mother was proud of her broom shrubs that grew from seeds that she brought from Sinincay, an old farm of her family where she spent her childhood. The farm is near Cuenca, the city where she was born, 500 kilometers south of our home.

  • 4 - Any Sunday in the early 80s.
    My parents, 4 sons, 2 daughters 5 in-laws and 10 grandchildren. My younger sister was still single.

  • 5 - December 1987, this time a sunny Sunday in the backyard. Full House. 14 grandchildren. The old lady at right is grandaunt 'Piyu'.
  • 6 - June 1990, another Sunday. Granddaddy and the 14 grandchildren.


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